InfoFlex is a leading digital healthcare solution – for both clinicians and patients - with a different approach. Rather than imposing a rigid IT system, it models clinical patient pathways with clinicians - without the need for coding and programming. 
This unique, modelling approach enables easier and faster implementation, data sharing and interoperability. It has enjoyed immense success in complex clinical areas such as cancer.
InfoFlex is a unique solution that caters for all areas of a patient’s cancer care pathway, from initial referral through to long term care. InfoFlex provides a healthcare community wide solution bringing together the patient with acute and community healthcare providers. All aspects of cancer tracking, national reporting, MDTs, and all elements of the LWBC agenda are catered for, providing a single integrated solution supporting shared care.
InfoFlex delivers better digital support for patient pathway management, population health strategies and the delivery of financial and time efficiencies within the NHS. Already in use in over 65 clinical specialties by more than 130 acute trusts. Find out how your healthcare community and patients can benefit from the InfoFlex Shared Care solution and from our extensive experience in working with many cancer departments across the NHS.
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